The game

After shuffling the cards into two separate piles, pick two cards from the top of each of the piles, in the morning or at the time of your choice : one card is a “Question” and the other is an “Answer”.

How to use the cards ?

First step : Pay attention to the message of the « Question » card. How are you going to make sense of it ?

Second step : Pay attention to the message of the « Answer » card. It includes a psychological principal to meditate upon as well as an advice which should lead to action (within hours or over the next days).

Third step : Look for the existing link between the question and the answer. The link is sometimes obvious. Sometimes there will be a need for going deeper in order to discover a few hidden treasures !

The fourth step is the one called selective perspective ! Under the influence of the three previous steps, a few lights will go on in your head : this is a warning that, in other circumstances, would not have drawn your attention. You will then find opportunities to apply the advice.

Example of the psychological impact of a random combination between the 100 Questions and the 100 Answers.

For example the selected question is : « Stay realistic or allow myself to dream a little ? » Example of thoughts brought on by this question : Can I believe that I actually have some chances of succeeding in what I will take on today ? Can I stop considering myself like a failure because I do not have a diploma ?

For example the selected answer is : « Our conscience helps us distinguish good from bad. Lucidity helps us looking at it with some distance. Today, I will question a few principles that have changed my life ! » Example of thoughts brought on by this answer : I have often thought that I was hurting my parents, that they had sacrificed themselves so that I could go to university and that I had not met their expectations ! But when I think about it, maybe it is them who have not helped me realize myself. I have lived with this guilt. It may be time for me to let go of this weight, to listen to myself and to follow my own path. To make my dream a reality ! Example of a « personalized » link between the question and the answer : Today, I am very close to reaching my goal ! My first novel caught the attention of a book editor ! And there again I start doubting myself ! No, this is impossible ! Me, a writer ? Are you kidding me ? Plus, I do not deserve success, nor happiness… because that happiness is not what my parents expected of me ! But, after all, maybe I will be selected, and maybe they will be proud of me !


You have a budget of a 100 consultations, a large choice of perspectives, meanings, directions, from which you can find your inspiration daily or anytime you like. Your own personal way of shuffling the cards will produce unique associations, your own associations, and lead to meaningful links between the questions and the answers. These associations and the order of randomness, your randomness, will represent on a daily basis, a special path for personal development, your special path to personal development.



J’aime beaucoup vos analyses.

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